Atlas Mine

The natural successor to the Genesis Mine and primary source of MAGIC within Bridgeworld. Users can stake MAGIC within the mine to activate Bridgeworld’s productivity and gain access to the rarest and most powerful resource of all, MAGIC. The Atlas Mine has no cap on MAGIC staking (unlike the Harvesters).

How to mine

Users must time lock MAGIC in the mine to gain access to emissions. NFTs including Legions (Genesis and Auxiliary), Treasures and Consumables can be deposited alongside MAGIC to enhance a user’s mining power which is used to determine the relative share of emissions.
NFT modifiers do not by themselves emit MAGIC. Their powers are only activated by MAGIC. While MAGIC remains time locked for the designated period, NFT modifiers can be unstaked at any time.

Staking MAGIC (veMAGIC) and the 'Mining Power' Boost Model

Users must time lock their MAGIC for a minimum of two weeks and up to 12 months. The longer MAGIC is time locked within the mine, the higher the user’s base ‘mining power’ (see below).
The Mining Power ‘boost model’ has been carried forward from the Genesis Mine. The ‘boost’ percentage is not an APR. It represents the multiplier on your MAGIC staked in the mine for the purposes of calculating your ‘mining power’ and relative share of mining emissions.
IMPORTANT: Once your MAGIC is staked in the Atlas Mine or Harvester, you will NOT be able to move it for the duration of the lock.
Harvesters will be released progressively in February driven by meta events. While Harvesters can unlock a higher maximum potential share of emissions than the Atlas Mine, there is a hard cap of 10M MAGIC per Harvester in Season 1.
This dynamic drives social coordination and individual conscious decision making; stake immediately in the Atlas Mine, join a guild and wait to build a Harvester or split up MAGIC to optimise returns. The strategies are endless.
See table below for timelock periods and respective boosts.
For example, if a user stakes 100 MAGIC in the mine for two weeks, their mining power would be 100 x (1 + 10%) = 110. This number would then be divided by the total mining power in the mine to determine their share of daily emissions. Likewise, if a user stakes 100 MAGIC for 1 month, their mining power would be 100 x (1 + 25%) = 125.
Mining power is used to calculate an individual player’s share of mining emissions. Having high mining power enables a user to gain a greater share of emissions but does not increase the rate of MAGIC emissions for the ecosystem as a whole. As a result, players have to understand that they are in competition within their harvester/mine as well as across harvesters to earn a gradually shrinking incremental supply of MAGIC.
Players are therefore encouraged to consider their gameplay strategies carefully given the multiple pathways the game meta can take over time.

Vested release of staked MAGIC

To build longer term sustainability and to mitigate volatility of large, single day unlocks, Bridgeworld will be introducing a vested release of staked MAGIC for the principal deposited only. The principal will be vested on a per second basis from the point of unlock. Rewards will remain claimable on an ongoing basis.
The principal vesting period will be commensurate with the duration of time lock and the level of time lock boost received. Stakers who received a higher time lock boost will experience longer vesting times. Vesting will occur on a per block basis from the point of unlock:

Staking NFTs into the Atlas Mine

Users may deposit Legions, Treasures, and Consumables in the Atlas Mine to boost their Mining Power. As noted previously, these modifiers are only activated if MAGIC has been staked. Each NFT has its own boost modifier and each type of eligible NFT has a max cap for how many can be deposited per wallet. These caps are in place to balance the meta and promote accessibility, and will be reviewed on an ongoing basis.
  • Legions: Maximum 3 per Wallet
  • Treasures: Maximum 20 per Wallet
Boosts for all NFTs are additive, not multiplicative. For example, a user with 100 MAGIC staked for 2 weeks plus 2x Genesis All Class and 3x Honeycombs would have:
  • Additive modifiers of (10%) + (2 x 200%) + (3 x 15.78%)
  • Total Mining Power = 100 * (1 + 0.1 + 4 + 0.4734) = 557.34
The following tables outline the respective Mining Power boosts for each eligible NFT. These have been thoroughly modeled to balance scalability, fairness and market value.

Legions (up to 3 per wallet)

The main protagonists and stewards of Bridgeworld carry with them the greatest mining power modifiers. Over time, these boosts may be augmented as they level up and experience the broader world.

Treasures (up to 20 per wallet)

The economic resources of Bridgeworld and the key ingredients to consumables and items yet unknown. Their relative power is determined by Genesis rarity (distribution) with the two most rare Treasures - Honeycomb and Grin - given heightened powers.
Refer to the picture below for details about Treasures’ boost.