Summoning Circle

The Summoning Circle is where Legions can be sent to summon Auxiliary Legions. Summoning will take 10 days to complete and newly summoned Auxiliary Legions will experience a “Summoning Fatigue” which disables them from summoning for another 7 days. The 10 day Summoning length can be reduced with the use of Prisms.
Records kept by Summoner Melchizor suggest that the Summoning Circle needs occasional maintenance, especially after intense utilization. When this occurs, no new Auxiliary Legions can be summoned. Mysterious events in Bridgeworld can also impact the art of Summoning.

How many Auxiliary Legions can I summon?

Genesis Legions can summon an unlimited supply of Auxiliary Legions, while Auxiliary Legions can only summon one fellow Auxiliary Legion. This will be reviewed over time to ensure inflation remains in balance with usage. There is a chance on summoning failing that is tied to the number of Legions crafting versus the number of Legions summoning. If your summon fails, your Legion will be in stasis for two days, unable to complete other tasks. Your resources will be returned to you with the Legion at the end of the stasis period.

What are the Summoning costs and requirements?

Legions are able to summon new Auxiliary Legions at the Summoning Altar. Balancer Crystal (Wrapped LP Tokens) requirements are denominated in the number of MAGIC and are per legion. Balancer Crystals are also locked for the duration of the summon.

Difference between Genesis and Auxiliary in Summoning

What are the drop rates of Summoning?

Note: All summoned Legion has a 0.01% chance of obtaining 1 completed constellation.

Can I increase the odds of getting Rares from Summoning?

You can craft small/medium/large prisms and sacrifice them in the summoning circle to improve the odds of obtaining a rare Auxiliary Legion via summoning. The boost rates are as follows:
Note: For example, using a large prism will decrease the odds of summoning a common Auxiliary by 14%, while also increasing the odds of obtaining an uncommon or rare.
You can also use a small, medium or large prism to reduce the Summoning time by 12 hours, 36 hours and 72 hours.

Do I get anything special from Summoning?

When summoning Auxiliary Legions, there is a small chance that the summoned legion comes out with completed constellations and Azurite dust (a rare dust used for future events). The drop rate of these items are fixed regardless of the Legion type/rarity used to summon.
  • 0.01% chance to get a Legion with 1 completed constellations
  • 0.01% to drop a speck of Azurite dust