Getting Started

Greetings, fellow travellers. You are invited to embark on a journey like no other. On this quest, you will venture into a fascinating new world, searching for coins, Treasures and other elements that can be combined into precious artefacts. These artefacts are unique, with immense value within this world and beyond.
This is an adventure of epic proportions, and it all begins with MAGIC.

Step 1 - Obtain MAGIC

In this world, MAGIC is the coin of the metaverse, and you must acquire some if you hope to gather fellowship.
To do so, simply go to the Trove Marketplace, connect to the wallet of your choice, and click “Buy MAGIC”. Now you’re ready to choose your Legion.
Note - Bridgeworld operates on Arbitrum. You will need to send funds to Arbitrum in order to purchase MAGIC via the "Buy MAGIC" button. View here for details on sending funds to Arbitrum.

What is MAGIC?

MAGIC is the natural resource of the Treasure metaverse. It powers the ecosystem of games on TreasureDAO. MAGIC is designed to be increasingly scarce (emissions decline as the complexity of the economy increases) as it weaves an ever-growing web of narrative bridges within the Metaverse. Players can earn MAGIC through playing, mining, and participating in Bridgeworld. The Treasure ecosystem therefore, is governed by MAGIC holders.

What is the Treasure Ecosystem?

The Treasure Ecosystem consists of Web3-based games that share the same economic infrastructure that includes the reserve-currency (MAGIC), Marketplace (Trove) and in-game assets (NFTs). The Treasure ecosystem is a part of TreasureDAO, a decentralized game console.
View here for more information on TreasureDAO and the broader Treasure ecosystem.

Step 2 - Forging your Legion

Before you can embark on a quest, you must obtain a Legion.
There are 3 types of Legions:
1. Recruit Legions - The Barrack is where players can obtain a Recruit Legion to begin playing Bridgeworld. Recruits can be minted for 10 MAGIC. View here for details on Recruit Legions.
2. Auxillary Legions - Auxillary Legions are better at questing and crafting than Recruit legions and can be used within Harvesters to mine more MAGIC.
3. Genesis Legions - Genesis Legions are the most powerful beings within Bridgeworld. They have the strongest abilities of finding Treasures and extracting MAGIC from Bridgeworld.
Head to the Trove Marketplace to purchase a Auxillary or Genesis Legion. Here, you can trade in your MAGIC for Legions to join your company. Legions come to you with a wide variety of skills, and for a wide range of prices. Choose the warrior best suited to you, and being your quest!

Step 3 - Embark on Adventures!

Once your company is full, it’s time to set out for adventure!
There are four main paths to send your legions. Legions can summon more Legions, go questing for treasures and other rare elements, mine for MAGIC or craft treasures and consumables.

Questing for Rewards

By traveling to the Ivory Tower, Legions can begin questing throughout Bridgeworld, gaining experience as they seek out valuable Treasures and items that can be used across Bridgeworld and the broader Treasure ecosystem.
Questing is the main way to find rewards and Treasures in Bridgeworld. As Legions go on quests, they will gain questing experience that will allow them to unlock more difficult quests, which will offer more powerful rewards. Questing is free and is a way for Legions to earn Essence of Starlight, Prism Shards, and Treasure Fragments which can be crafted into Treasures.

Crafting Consumables

At the Forge, Legions can take the rewards they’ve amassed through questing, and combine them into rare and valuable items that will aid in their adventures, as well as their accumulation of MAGIC.
As with Questing, your Legions will gain crafting points the more they use the Forge, which will allow them to unlock the ability to forge rarer and more valuable artifacts.
Forging Prism Shards into Prisms will help summon rarer Legions, forging Harvester parts will allow you to have a stake in Harvesters to boost your mining power more than it would via the Atlas mine.

Mining MAGIC

MAGIC is the most powerful resource in Bridgeworld. It takes time to extract such coveted lucre, so be patient, and you shall be greatly rewarded.
The main goal of Bridgeworld is to accumulate MAGIC via acquiring it directly or acquiring Treasures (assets-infused with MAGIC). You can accumulate MAGIC in several ways:
1. The Atlas Mine
The primary mine in Bridgeworld. By staking MAGIC int he mine - for anywhere from two weeks to a year - players will receive emissions from the mine. The amount emitted will depend on how much MAGIC is staked, and for how long. View here for more information on the Atlas mine.

2. Harvesters

Harvesters are ancient creatures that find and consume MAGIC across Bridgeworld. Legions have learned to harness the power of Harvesters by attaching Harvester Parts to them which divert the MAGIC they consume to themselves. View here for more information on Harvesters.

Power up your Legion in the Starlight Temple

Using Essence of Starlight, a form of liquid MAGIC acquired from questing, Legions tattoo one of Bridgeworld’s constellations onto their skin using ancient technology located at the Starlight Temple, mixing the Essence with their innate MAGIC in the process. View here for more information on the Starlight Temple.

Summon new Legions

By summoning others to your cause, you will be able to increase your party, and thus your chance of success in Bridgeworld. But be wary: this is powerful MAGIC that has its costs.
There are two main ways to summon in Bridgeworld:
1. The Summoning Circle
The Summoning Circle is where your Auxillary and Genesis Legions can summon Auxillary forces for a fee.

2. The Barracks

In the Barracks, you can acquire and train a Recruit Legion for a modest fee of 10 MAGIC. These Legions will provide rewards, but will have restrictions in how they can be used in Bridgeworld compared to Auxillary and Genesis Legions. With enough questing and crafting, a recruit can be promoted to an Auxillary Legion!