Chapter 1: Setsuko Kazuko

By CryptoMan

“Hello Setsuko Kazuko, do not be afraid. I am here to guide you to the afterlife.” - I say this because he seemed distressed upon meeting

“I wished I didn’t have to die this way.”

“I am sorry to hear that Setsuko, you will be accompanied by me to the beyond. I hope to hear your story as it is quite a journey.”

Setsuko comes aboard the raft, war-torn with grief.

“I was in the working class so I was unlucky to be drafted by my nation.”

“Your story is among the many I hear but unlucky is not your draft.”

“Why is that so?”

“You were in a system rigged against you, you’re unlucky that you didn’t have awareness.”

Setsuko sits down and looks at his reflection in the water.

“My death was not my own?”

“It could have been.”

“I am angered that my death was not my own. I have a family, a son who may also be conscripted into war.”

“That will most likely be the case Setsuko.”

“I love my family very much, I do not want to see my son fighting a useless war.”

“I have witnessed this many times before. It looks like your world funnel him into a life of war the same as you.”

“Please, there must be something I can do.”

“You will face judgement of the things you’ve done. Perhaps your actions in life will give you what you want in death”

Setsuko sits quiet in despair as the journey comes to an end on the other side of the lake.

Something different although is felt. A bright light comes in a flash and a godly figure slowly descends down with grace. We both stare in awe, as in the millennia that I have been created to do have never seen this occurrence.

“Hello Setsuko, I am Djong-pat of the tenth and you have the favor of the gods. I will teach your son the way of the DAO and restore the balance”

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