By Andiamo

Not every Legion was created with a class. This is neither a curse, nor a blessing, simply a matter of fact. To answer their calling, they need to discern, so discern they shall: on a pilgrimage to discover that which lies within them.

Entry 40872-A6, Huntresses’ Archives

Description: This document was retrieved in the wake of a battle between Legions which took place in the 7th age on the Plains of Agarth.

Classification: Available for public reference

Junior Officer’s Diary Entry

Today is a joyous day. I have been granted permission by none other than my commanding officer himself, the great Lord Ra’tha al-Gramien, to leave for my pilgrimage.

It is told that the pilgrimage is the most defining moment in a Legionnaire’s formation: a journey on which a Legionnaire discovers his or her true vocation. It is through this pilgrimage that I will earn my class colours.

I look forward to this journey with great anticipation as well as great trepidation, for the journey to the Seat of the Oracle is not known to be one that is kind to those who undertake it. After all, it is precisely the tribulations that one encounters along the way that catalyse the discovery of one’s inner inclinations, and one’s true calling.

Many of my fellow Legionnaires have returned from the Oracle, accomplished and standing proud, adorned with the colours of their class on their armour as well as on their hearts: Fighter, Spellcaster, Ranged, Assassin, Siege or Bishop. I have had the honour of training as an Ensign in a Siege battalion, and if the gods will it, perhaps I, too, may follow in the footsteps of my instructors. But if another path is to be taken, then let it be so.

My only fear is that of descending into the darkness of insanity. The legends tell of those who discover on their pilgrimage an innate darkness deep within themselves that ultimately consumes them and drives them to madness. Every heart harbours some of that darkness, but I can only hope that I am proven to possess the fortitude to keep that darkness at bay, and allow me to fulfil my sacred duty to this land.

But tonight, I shall enjoy my last day with my brothers and sisters with whom I have begun my journey as a Legionnaire.

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