Treasure Drop Rates

Treasure Fragments are soulbound, non-transferable and are dropped in quests based on the below formula.
Each region drops a category of Treasure Fragments as follows:
  • Corruption Canyons ⇒ Alchemy/Arcana Fragments
  • Icy Ascent ⇒ Enchanting/Brewing Fragments
  • Desert Ruins ⇒ Smithing/Leatherworking Fragments
The chance of finding a Treasure Fragment = 1/(1 + (N/k * s)^2)
  • N = the number of legions questing
  • s = a settable constant set to 1
  • k = the number of available treasure fragments when legion ends the quest.
    • The number of Treasure fragments gradually increases every second at a fixed rate.
      • e.g. if there is a 30,000 monthly cap for T5, then this works out to be 30,000/(30*24*60*60) = 0.0115740 T5 Treasures per second
This formula produces a drop rate graph as follows:
Variable droprates based on N (#legions) and k (#treasure fragments remaning in the pool). See this simluation for example of how droprates vary over time:
Treasure Tier
Treasure Fragments emitted per Month
The probability of finding different rarity tiers of Treasure Fragments are outlined below.
Legions can earn multiple fragment Tiers in each section based on the above drop-rate formula, but only one of each tier.
For section 1: Legions have a chance of finding up to 2 fragments (1x T5, 1x T4) or none at all.
You have a chance to find either: (1x T5 and 1x T4) or (1x T5) or (1x T4) or nothing at all. You cannot get 2x T4 or 2x T5.
For section 2: Legions have a chance of finding up to 3 fragments: (1x T5, 1x T4, 1x T3) or none at all.
For section 3: Legions have a chance of finding up to 3 fragments: (1x T1, 1x T2, 1x T3, 1x T4) or none at all. Traveling to latter sections does not give you rewards from previous sections.
Additional Treasure Fragments are emitted from separate pools in other places in BW for Recruits and ecosystem partners like Realm. As more game loops and sinks are built, we may gradually introduce more places to earn Treasure Fragments. Current extra Treasure fragment pools include:
Treasure Tier
Treasure Fragments emitted per Month
Legions with Questing level 4, 5, or 6 have higher chances of finding Treasure Fragments:
Questing Level
Boosted chance of Treasure Fragment drops
Level 4
(1 + 5%) * BaseDropRate
Level 5
(1 + 10%) * BaseDropRate
Level 6
(1 + 15%) * BaseDropRate
Genesis Legions are immune to stasis in questing, have higher chances of finding Treasure Fragments, and have an additional chance to earn a full Treasure during quests:
Legion Rarity
Chance of finding full treasure
Boosted chance of finding fragments
(1 + 2.5%) * BaseDropRate
(1 + 3.75%) * BaseDropRate
(1 + 5%) * BaseDropRate
(1 + 10%) * BaseDropRate
(1 + 30%) * BaseDropRate

Stacking Droprate Bonuses

Bonuses to the Treasure Fragment droprates stack as follows: (1 + QuestingLvlBonus + CardFlipBonus + GenesisLegionBonus)
So for instance if the current BaseDropRate is 35%, and a lvl 4 Special Genesis Legion is questing and flipped 3x Cards in the Triad Card Game,
The drop rate is: (1 + 5% + 3.75% + 15%) * 35%
= (1 + 23.75%) * 35%
= 43.31%
For more details on how the Capped Treasure mechanism is implemented and how it works see: