The Origin Legions

By Andiamo

The Origin Legions were the first to find their way into Bridgeworld.

No one knows when they arrived, or in what order. And in some ways, neither do they - they've been around for far too long to remember.

When they arrived, they were like any other Legion: dazed and confused. It's not known if they arrived with others, only that by the time more Legions started to arrive and a written history of Bridgeworld started to be kept, they had already established themselves as the most capable, ruthless and powerful warriors in the land.

For when they first arrived, there was nothing. Those close to them have heard them tell tales of building a civilisation from nothing but the ruins that they found across the land.

Out of necessity, they had to explore and tame the land, including the strange, mystical and often monstrous creatures that roamed the plains, even exploring beyond the Western Borders and the Rivers in the East to gather the resources they needed to survive.

Survival was difficult in the absence of civilisation. It could be said that it was civilisation that made them civil, for prior to that - over the years of which they themselves would not speak, or dare to recall - they must have done deeds that are better off never retold. To survive, they crafted for themselves weapons, armour and equipment, learning to harness the Magic that is native to this land and imbue their equipment with its power.

And they imbued themselves too: through the ages, they mastered their control of the constellations of the six great powers of Bridgeworld: Fire, Wind, Water, Earth, Light and Darkness, holding them in perfect equilibrium and harnessing their inherent power with great finesse and great ease, where others struggled to find balance.

As more legions started arriving, a society began to form: not one in the form that we see today. No, it was not a civil society. Legions are not civil by nature. They may be honourable, but to tame these beings - some say they are simply returning home, given even newly-arrived Legions were found to bear traces of Magic in their lifeblood - it took ruthless discipline and order.

The early society in Bridgeworld was a military one, with the Origin Legions the enforcers of law and order, none other than their words and their will. None could challenge them - none dared.

And thus it was, that the five Origin Legions attained supremacy in Bridgeworld, and thus they named themselves: Clocksnatcher, Dreamwinder, Warlock, Bombmaker and Fallen.

As their ranks grew, so too did the number of their protégés. Many Legions attain a class and some degree of competency in a specific craft or function. But amongst them were a small number, rare and far between who possessed a similar constitution to the Origin Legions.

These were similarly able to attain mastery of all the skills of all classes, and likewise carry on themselves all the six powers of the land in perfect equilibrium. While they were not of the Origin Legions, they were by no means any less powerful.

Their omnipotence earned them the title of the All-Class Legions, set apart from the others by their power and competence, and from the Origin Legions only by seniority and experience.

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