Constellation Quests

Embarking on Quests

There are three regions a Legion can quest in. Each region drops a specific affinity of Treasure Fragments which can then be used to craft full Treasures based on their affinity type. View here for an overview of Treasure affinities.
Sending a Legion to quest within a specific region. 'Optimized' Legions have the same constellation as the region.
Legions have the opportunity to quest through three parts of a quest. In order to progress further into a journey, Legions must satisfy questing level requirements:
  • Part 1: Requires Legions to be at least Questing level 1
  • Part 2: Requires Legions to be at least Questing level 2
  • Part 3: Requires Legions to be at least Questing level 3
Continuing a journey for rarer Treasures comes with risk. Users forfeit whatever loot they earned in the previous sections (see Rewards Section), and run the risk of falling into “stasis”, which will temporarily immobilize the legion (4 hrs at the time of writing).
Players that travel to the 3rd section must also play the Treasure Triad Card game using equipped Treasures. See Treasure Triad for details.

Each level of constellation protects your legion and reduces the chance of stasis (default 30%):

Constellation Level
Stasis Reduction
Level 1 Constellation
reduce by 4%
Level 2 Constellation
reduce by 6%
Level 3 Constellation
reduce by 8%
Level 4 Constellation
reduce by 10%
Level 5 Constellation
reduce by 15%
Level 6 Constellation
reduce by 20%
Level 7 Constellation
reduce by 25%

Items from questing

During a questing Legions receive:
  1. 1.
    Questing XP
  2. 2.
    Essence of Starlight (EoS) and Prism Shards
  3. 3.
    Chance of finding a Universal Lock (in all regions and sections)
  4. 4.
    A chance of finding Treasure Fragments
For Questing XP, EoS and Prism Shards, the rewards depends on the distance traveled:
Distance Travelled
Questing EXP Gained
Essence of Starlight
Prism Shards
1 Section
2 Sections
3 Section