World Treasury

By Rickard

Cycles lie at the very heart of Bridgeworld, some say it’s the cyclical nature of the world which has led to many of its unbelievable creations. One of these cycles is among the greatest mysteries of Bridgeworld, the cycle of Treasure. There are a great many treasures in the world and within each there is magic. Magic that can be used for any number of purposes.

However, once the magic is drained and the item’s been used the treasure fades from the world like a ghost who’s found its peace. This is where the cycle of treasure truly become interesting. For when the treasure has faded and found its peace it will eventually appear again seemingly at random but usually in magic rich environments. It’s not known whether it’s the same treasure or an altogether different but identical one, regardless the cycles continue. Find a treasure, use the treasure, and then the treasure will reappear somewhere at some point.

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