Crafting Forge

By Rickard

The great hall of crafters also known as The Forge is the hub of creation, construction, and crafting. It’s where the Alchemists and Enchanters meet. Where the Smiths and Leatherworks cooperate and where the Arcanists and Brewers share a beverage. Massive furnaces and bellows, moulds and ladles, anvils beyond counting and hammers enough to supply an army, all could be found in the smithy within The Forge.

Glowing crystals and deep cauldrons, mountains of animal hides and kegs the size of houses. This was all once but a tiny fraction of what could be found in the great Forge but this glory lies in the past. No one knows who made the Forge but what remains is but a shadow of its former glory but it’s a shadow with a past, a shadow which can come to life. When we light the first furnace, when we tan the first hide, when we brew the first drink! This is when the days of old can come again! Journey to the Forge, light the fires, dust off the cauldrons, channel the crystals and restore the remnants of the forge to the days old!

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