More Riverman

By CryptoMan

Serene waters moving so peacefully it can put me to sleep if I am not careful. I stand on a small raft, countlessly paddling down a river. On the sides, a dark forest envelops the environment with a bright moon to see what’s in front of me. I start to feel the riverbed as I reach my destination. My aching arms pull the raft to hard ground. I feel the chilling wind go through my torn, wet hooded robe. I sit down to rest and look into the distance. I see a man in full plated armor, his helm off and his sword missing. A scabbard only remains, hanging loosely moving back and forth. His hair is black and long and his beard covers his whole neck. He appearance is haggard, torn and seems like he’s been wanderings aimlessly for a long time. I wave at him as a sign of welcome. I see his tired eyes, his face defeated and hopeless.

“The path is difficult to navigate on land. The river moves to where it is incomplete. Where there is a fork, the pull chooses the greater gap that needs to be filled. Come with me and I can guide you to where you seek.”

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