Experiment #2

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Subject C.1 - Rinkeby | DSA - 12 |

Tests postponed. Rinkeby is showing increased signs of aggression. We've given him food and a few tombs for entertainment.

Subject C.1 - Rinkeby | DSA - 15

I can't believe I'm writing this, but Rinkebys cranial capacity has increased by an astounding 30% overnight!

The poor thing has been writhing in agony from the cranial swell and we've tried our best to sedate him, but it's difficult to get the dosage correct. Additionally, when the effects of the drugs subside, he grows incredibly irritable as if the loss of cognitive function outweighs the physical discomfort.

It's been difficult to take proper notes on his evolutionary growth between the fits of rage, sedation, and his nearly endless hunger.

DSA - 17

Around lunch, Manek came to us hoping to give Rinkeby some one-on-one lessons. Teaching him how to use tools, possibly even construct a few simple devices if his mind could grasp them.

Jiro was… less than enthused.

"Manek you can't be serious. He's barely conscious a majority of the time and the rest he's fit to rip your arm off".

"First, you know I'd just get a new one so what's the harm? And second, I'm damn well serious. You see how he's devouring our tombs. Imagine what he could build with a few tools' ' replied Manek with a tone that implied he'd get his way no matter what.

"It's too dangerous. What if he uses them to break out? Or worse?"

"I'll take everything we build from him before I depart. You can even be there for the inspection to and from if it makes you feel better. I won't enter his room without your permission."

"It's not a bad idea", I interjected, "we can't properly study him now anyway and we've been unable to secure another specimen safely. Our options are limited.”

Jiro huffed, "you're both mad, but I know I can't overrule the two of you. I'll be there. Every inspection and we have a deal."

Manek sat beaming, or his approximation of beaming. “Deal”, he replied.

It was clear he'd grown fond of our little friend. Fewer and fewer of us were choosing the path of an engineer these days. I'm sure he was glad to have someone to teach.

Overall our time here has been pleasant. The weather warms the skin and the sky is a shade reminiscent of our blue rupees back home. The planet itself is teeming with life, but so far only Rinkeby and a few of the other apes have shown any signs of change.

I'll be spending the rest of the evening working with junior bioengineers, Til & Rez, to catalog some of the plant life they've discovered.

They mentioned one fruit I found particularly interesting. Apparently, the plant life here can grow some sort of fur and its shell is dense. Til described it as "buzzing with energy".

We've seen Rinkebys kin drop them from trees, which cracks the fruit and drink the juice from inside, but so far none of us have tested the same. Perhaps we can sit down with him and all share a few drops.

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