Summoner's Diary

By Andiamo

Entry 289539-B75, Huntresses’ Archives

Description: Summoner’s log of a Legion summoning ceremony, located in the ruins of the Forts of Raznathor

Summoner’s Log

Records kept by Summoner Melchizor, attaché to the 6th Guards Legion.

Summoning ceremony on the 19th day of the 48th month of the 3rd Age.

Summoning Location: Altz’har’s Faultline

Present: Lord Gol’kar, Genesis Lord Commander, 6th Guards Legion General Oksana al-Karna, Genesis Lady Assassin Mistress, 6th Guards Legion Major Icarno, Officer Commanding, Alpha Company Major Baratak, Officer Commanding, Delta Company

Summary of events: The summoning ceremony took place at Altz’har’s Faultline, where the planar dislocation was determined to be at its most pronounced.

I, Summoner Melchizor, welcomed the participating Legionnaires, of which were Genesis Legions, to the ceremony and once all preparations were made, initiated the summoning rites.

The rites were completed without complication, although in this instance, a substantial amount of magic was consumed to yield a fruitful batch of new Legions, perhaps one of the most fruitful I have witnessed in my career.

The results of the summoning are as follows:

Lord Gol’kar, Genesis Lord Commander: 27 new legions summoned General Oksana al-Karna, Genesis Lady Assassin Mistress: 34 new legions summoned Major Icarno, Officer Commanding: 12 new legions summoned Major Baratak, Officer Commanding: 11 new legions summoned

Prescribed cooldown: Minimum of 7 days for full recovery

As is always the case, while summoned Legions will ultimately find their innate calling through their pilgrimage to the Oracle, one can only imagine what a preponderance of issuance from the great Assassin Mistress could entail. Assassins are, after all, a particular breed of their own, and one can never be too sure of what path that strain could lead a Legionnaire down.

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