Experiment #1

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Subject C.1 - Rinkeby | DSA - 8 | Afternoon Entry

Rinkeby is showing signs of a rapid increase in intelligence. He had been taking mental notes and jotting down crude drawings under his floor mat after we'd gone to sleep.

It's no wonder his room smelled almost entirely of fecal matter.

The implications here are fascinating. First, he went from climbing trees to developing a rudimentary language. Second, that he felt the need to hide it from us even though he's given no indication he does not trust us. Subtle manipulation? Fear? Or, something else?

Jiro believes it's now imperative we collect a specimen from the wild. We need a baseline to see how quickly Rinkeby is evolving compared to his peers. This could become problematic.

For now, we've started issuing a series of cognitive development tests.

Glory to the Enclave, for this little creature's curiosity. It’s rare we can capture the effects of the bridge this early and so clearly.

Subject C.1 - Rinkeby | DSA - 11 | Post-test Results

Rinkeby has an above-average intelligence compared to other primate species we’ve encountered, but his levels of curiosity compare to that of much more advanced lifeforms. He was able to match shapes and learn two words, his “name” and “food”, in sign. He could have learned more, but we wanted time to discuss the results.

For future bridgeworlders, we provided tests PIS.71 and SDP.13. Both tests matched with near-identical scores.

Off the record, Jiro believes Rinkeby could have done better. He said he could see his eyes move to the correct answer more than once then ”purposefully” choose another answer. He wants to test him again tomorrow.

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