The Light

The Light shines upon all, illuminates all, gives life to all.

For without light, nothing is visible. Nothing that is good hides from the light: rather, all that is good and beautiful seeks to be bathed in the light, that many may observe and relish its goodness.

The Light reveals flaws, and although not all flaws are ugly and shameful, they are nonetheless flaws.

A shortage of perfection.

Shadows. Scars. Cracks. Imperfection.

True perfection thrives in The Light, wherein even under the closest scrutiny, not a single blemish can be noted.

We are not perfect, but to embrace and accept imperfections is to succumb to indolence, leading to complacency, leading to the sombre shroud of the Darkness.

Shadows. Scars. Cracks. Imperfection.

The Legions that stand for The Light take on an insurmountable mission, one placed upon them many ages ago when the Darkness was vanquished.

It is told that in the Great Battle, the five Genesis Legions led their armies against the forces of the Darkness and prevailed, vanquishing the Vanguards of the Shadow into the aether.

Yet they could not be destroyed, only decimated and scattered in the hopes that they would never reassemble. Alas, so long had the Darkness plagued the world that the very stain of Darkness remains, passed on from generation to generation. Thus, even the victors bore the scars of their pyrrhic victory: their very form obfuscated the light, casting shadows on the ground.

And on each other.

Thus, even in victory does the Light remain on constant watch.

That the blemish which scarred this world remain contained. Controlled. Subdued.

Each Legion, each individual, each being: each needs to be mindful that the shadow that one casts is that which one desires to cast.

Heaven forbid the shadows take a life of their own.

Only in The Light can we find perfection, and only in perfection do we find salvation.

In Luce, Perfectio; In Perfectione, Salutis.

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