Crafting in the Forge

What is the Forge?

The Forge is where Legions can utilize assets to craft new assets with varying utility in Bridgeworld. Increasing Legions’ Crafting Levels enables them to craft more difficult recipes.

What types of crafts can Legions perform?

Legions have the option to craft Treasures or Consumables. Treasures are artifacts made powerful by exposure to MAGIC. They act as productive resources across Bridgeworld and beyond. There is some mystery between the exact relationship between Treasures and MAGIC, but they allow it to be wielded in ways that are not possible in its natural state.

Legions can use Treasure Fragments and Prism Shards to craft Treasures.

Legions can use Treasures to craft Consumables. Consumables are a category of assets that use Treasures (e.g. beetle-wing, diamond, carriage) to create powerful assets in Bridgeworld. There are 3 types of consumables.

View subsequent sections to learn more about crafting Treasures and Consumables.

Crafting Tutorial

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