Atlas Mine

By Rickard

There are a great many wonders on Bridgeworld, flaming monsters of machines that can level mountains or dig lakes. Beasts of unimaginable strength and animals of beauty which cannot be equalled. There are great forges and temples, waterfalls and mountains, rivers and ravines.

But none is equal to the Atlas mine.

A network of tunnels so endless it’s believed the there is more surface area within the mine than on the surface of Bridgeworld itself. There are thousands upon thousands of entrances with vast canyons and underground rivers that dot the mine. Ancient forests of stone spires and spikes can be found and caverns of crystal and gems ancient cities long abandoned lie hidden in the deep of the Atlas mine. But there is danger here as well, great beasts of immense strength, silent killers who leave no trace, ancient traps and remnants of dark magic, all can be found in the Atlas mine. But worry not for one by one the tunnels are secured. Level by level Questers clear a path for the miners to use but never underestimate the Atlas Mine.

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