Donkey à la magicka recipe

By The Numeraire


4 x Beetle Wings A bag of rare mushrooms Leg of Donkey A dash of bottomless elixir 1/4 of a dragons tail Grain


1.) sear the donkey leg in a cauldron. You can add any herbs at this point. After searing add water and let simmer

2.)in a separate pan brown the beetle wings. They only take a few seconds. Remove from pan.

3.) Add the rare mushrooms and cook for a few minutes (do not wash the mushrooms before hand)

4.) add the beetle wings, grain and mushrooms to the cauldron.

5.) cook for 4hrs 20mins and 6.9 seconds exactly. Not 1 second more!

6.) remove donkey leg to rest for 20 minutes

7.) garnish with the scales of dragon tail and finish with 3 drops of bottomless elixir.

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