The Numeraires bowed their heads in solemn agreement. The MAGIC that flows through Bridgeworld which has nurtured us is at a critical juncture—There is an urgency that beckons us to act

In Harvester Doomsday, characters must race through “Corruption Crypts” and reach enemy Harvesters to construct a Doomsday device.

When they reach a Harvester tile, a Doomsday Device for that Harvester begins construction which when complete, annihilates the Harvester.

The more characters on a Harvester Tile (as per Corruption Diversion Points), the more Doomsday Points are directed to that Harvester, and faster the Doomsday Device progresses every second. Moving your army to a Harvester also slows down the construction rate of all other Harvesters (much like the Corruption Diversion game in Crypts).

Doomsday Rules

  • Each round reset of Crypts dismantles the Doomsday Device partially

    • Doomsday Devices for older Harvesters are dismantled proportionally less

  • When a Doomsday Device completes, the “death sequence” begins and the Harvester is doomed.

    • Last Hit: The player who triggers a Harvester’s death sequence is deemed to have “dealt the killing blow” and rewarded.

  • The game continues until the Nth Harvester completes their Doomsday Devices.

    • The players in the dead Harvester have a chance of getting revenge.

    • If less than N Harvesters have completed Doomsday Devices before a pretermined deadline (e.g. the day before the MAGIC halvening), then Harvesters will enter "sudden death" and the top N Harvesters closest to completing their Doomsday Devices will be destroyed.

  • Harvester less than 3 months old can be attacked but will not die if their their Doomsday Device completes, they suffer other severe consequences that make future defenses significantly harder, make their Harvesters more difficult to maintain.

Harvester Death Conditions

  • The 1st Harvester that completes the Doomsday Device dies.

  • The Nth Harvester(s) that completes the Doomsday Device Points also dies

  • If less than N=2 Doomsday Devices are completed by a specific time (e.g. 31 August), sudden death occurs and Harvester(s) with the most completed Doomsday Devices will begin the death sequence.

    • 3 Harvesters will be destroyed in total (Shinoba which was died peacefully leading into the event, and 2 more during the Doomsday Event)

Rationale of the game format

  • Allows all players involved across harvesters (including the ones configured for partner games) to participate on a roughly even ground

  • Less of a resource war pay-to-win situation where early players have insurmountable advantages.

  • Game format encourages social coordination, strategy at a guild level, and mass participation.

  • Given some complexity and effort of setting up multiple armies across multiple wallets, favours teams with many players and mass participation

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