On the Origins of Rivermen

By Rickard

No one knows when the first legion arrived, nor who it was. Some theorize there were more than one, perhaps as many as five, others are certain there was a single original. Sadly, there is very little evidence to support either theory. However, the timeframe during which the legions have appeared in Bridgeworld is far more documented and researched. The eldest legion still alive and active within society today is around 300 years old. Though many believe there are legions far older than that. It has been some 100 years since the first wave of migration where a massive number of new legions appeared in droves along the rivers. Why they appeared along the rivers is unknown and since the first migration there have been many more waves. The original, or rather the genesis, legions who first noticed the wave of newcomers began travelling up and down the rivers, day and night, in search for these lost souls. These legions are the foundation of what is known today as the Rivermen.

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