By Rickard

As you finally fall for the sweet allure of sleep the void between a thousand worlds begin to stretch out before you and all you can see are bridges. Bridges of gold and diamond, bridges of chain and vines, of dark metal, thick stone, bridges of feathers, light, color, flames, and ice. Bridges in every shape, of every material, in every length.

This is the center, the hub, the nexus. A world in stasis and a world of infinite opportunity. Once a place of utter chaos now lovingly and carefully weaved through countless universe. Where you now stand is the beginning and the future and this is but the first dream.

The First City

The first city, a marvel of construction and engineering. A thousand thousand tonnes of stone, wood, and metal has gone into its creation. Thick vast stonewalls surround it but the walls are built far from the heart of the city and so fields, farms, and forests all fit within as well as the city itself of course.

At the very core lie the citadel, it looks as though the sun has been plucked from the sky and placed suspended between four wicked pillars protruding from the ground like the horns of a great beast. The citadel is always in motion, it twitches and pulsates, small rotations and sudden outbursts of material, all of it give the appearance of a restless god, a restless sun.

Beneath the citadel lie the colosseum an arena of epic proportions. It has been built within the “Pillars of the Sun” and above the battlefield in the arena center the citadel, ever glowing and ever moving, keep the dark of the night at bay and put the light of the day to shame.

The homes of hundreds of thousands surround the heart of the city. Markets and stalls, smithies and bakeries, mills and alchemists, leatherworkers and arcanists, enchanters, brewers, shoemakers, miners, butchers, cooks, and crafters all exist within its walls.

- Untitled tablet found in the upper levels of the Atlas Mine

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