Starlight Temple

By NFDoggo

Nestled in a hidden valley within the mountains, this ancient structure was only recently discovered by the Legions and remains largely untouched by the cataclysms that have befallen Bridgeworld. Though the exterior of the Starlight Temple appears to be comprised of a plain grey stone, Legions are greeted by a dazzling rainbow of lights when crossing the threshold into the building. All but one of the temple's walls, which remains impossibly black, are covered in a variety of Magic-infused symbols, the light from which is bent and refracted by a crystalline roof.

A single, massive space, the only objects inside the Starlight Temple are a white stone slab table depicting a map of Bridgeworld that stands in the center of the room and on which rests a rune-encrusted, hollow tipped needle.

Surrounding the map of Bridgeworld is a series of engravings: the names of the pioneers whose contributions to the founding of Bridgeworld are honoured for all eternity.

Granted favour by the ancient powers, the legends say that they were given what many can only yearn for: a second chance. An Extra Life.


Using Essence of Starlight, a form of liquid Magic, Legions tattoo one of Bridgeworld's constellations onto their skin using the ancient technology located at the Starlight Temple, mixing the Essence with their innate Magic in the process. Depicted on the temple's walls are six constellations that represent the elements of fire, earth, wind, water, light and dark. Referenced as symbols of power and protection throughout various native texts, the origin of the Starlight Temple and the powers it bestows upon those who pay homage in its halls remains a mystery.

The Constellations, however, have been known to provide protection to Legions venturing out into the wastelands. Each constellation confers increasing resistance and protection to its bearer to its element, bestowing a oneness upon its bearer, allowing Legions to move unscathed through otherwise harsh and hostile environments.

Fire Constellation

Points of glowing red light burn like embers on your skin in the configuration of a phoenix.

Water Constellation

Points of mirrored blue light sparkles on your skin in the configuration of a tidal wave.

Earth Constellation

Points of glowing brown and green light twist on your skin in the configuration of a mountain.

Wind Constellation

Points of swirling gray light flash like storms on your skin in the configuration of a tornado.

Light Constellation

Streams of white light flow over your skin, forming the nebulous image of a dragon.

Dark Constellation

Streams of the deepest darkness imaginable flowing on your skin, absorbing all light and leaving the silhouette of a cobra.

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