Harvesters are ancient creatures that find and consume MAGIC across Bridgeworld. Legions have learned to harness the power of Harvesters by attaching Harvester Parts to them which divert the MAGIC they consume to themselves.
Harvesters find and extract MAGIC from Bridgeworld that Legions compete over via a social-coordination game. Harvesters serve two primary purposes:
  1. 1.
    Function as the primary reward mechanism for players who play, engage, and contribute to the Bridgeworld and greater Treasure economy
  2. 2.
    Serve as the primary utility for acquiring Treasures
Harvesters begin as roaming creatures for the Treasure Legions NFT collection to tame, capture, stake, and procure MAGIC. They are flexible and have the ability to be configured for other NFT collections. In the future, some Harvesters may be open to a “Harvester Takeover”, wherein another collection has the opportunity to contest and take control of a specific Harvester.
Players and Guilds can compete for increased emissions by utilizing Treasures to craft and construct Harvester Parts and special mining Extractors which are used in a social coordination game to boost the amount of MAGIC the Harvester produces.
Games in the ecosystem may form their own guilds to aid in the accumulation of players and resources towards maximising the use of Harvesters. This interplay between guilds and games leads to collective bargaining between different groups as they exert influence over how the Bridgeworld metagame develops. As each ecosystem metaverse gains a larger amount of engaged players and revenue sources, digital nation states emerge with their own in-game economies, all vying for control over Harvesters.


Harvesters roam Bridgeworld in effort to extract MAGIC. Legions (and other NFT collections over time) manage how productive the Harvester is by staking various assets in coordination with the rest of the members in their Harvester.

Joining a Harvester

To access a Harvester, a player must first stake a Harvester Part to the Harvester. You can obtain a Harvester Part by crafting it in the Forge if you have a Legion with a level 3+ crafting level or by purchasing it on the Trove marketplace.
Each Harvester Part staked in the Harvester gives that specific wallet address a 30,000 MAGIC allocation to deposit. Dedicated players may produce a large number of Harvester Parts and can bind a maximum of 40 Harvester Parts per address, leading to a maximum 1.2M MAGIC that can be staked per address in a Harvester.
Note: 12-month stakers in the Atlas mine who received Atlas Mine Harvester Parts are able to stake 10,000 MAGIC per part (not 30,000).

Managing a Harvester

Once a player has joined a Harvester, their responsibility is to stake various assets in order to boost the amount of MAGIC the Harvester is capable of finding to reward the rest of the Harvester team. Players can stake the following assets within Harvesters:
1. Harvester Parts 2. MAGIC 3. Legions 4. Extractors 5. Treasures

Harvester Parts

In addition to giving a player access to the Harvester and determining their maximum MAGIC deposit capacity, Harvester Parts also increase a Harvester’s Mining Power incrementally, but there are diminishing returns as the number of staked Parts approaches the maximum of 500 parts per Harvester. Harvester Parts can be crafted in the Forge using Treasures.
Dedicated players may produce a large number of Harvester Parts and can bind a maximum of 40 Harvester Parts per address, leading to a maximum 1.2M MAGIC that can be staked per address in a Harvester.
Players can only unstake a Harvester Part if they have no other deposits staked (Legions, Treasures, Extractors, MAGIC).
Note: Lupus Magus and Afarit Harvesters have a max capacity of 1,500 Atlas Mine Harvester Parts (not 500).


When each Harvester is created, it has a maximum capacity of MAGIC that can be staked at any given time. The default maximum capacity when a Harvester is created is 6 million MAGIC (we look to create up to 9 Harvesters with 6 million MAGIC capacity in each).
A Utilisation Modifier parameter is implemented to ensure a minimum amount of MAGIC is staked in each Harvester Part to earn emissions. Until 30% of the Harvester’s maximum capacity filled with staked MAGIC, the Harvester will not receive any emissions. At 30% the Harvester will receive half of the potential emission, and emission levels will step up at every 10% staking interval until the harvester is receiving its full share of emissions when above 80% of the Harvester’s maximum capacity is staked.
Harvester Capacity Utilisation
Amount of Staked MAGIC
Emissions Activated
Less than 30%
< 1.8M MAGIC
Between 30% and 40%
1.8M ~ 2.4M MAGIC
Between 40% and 50%
2.4M ~ 3M MAGIC
Between 50% and 60%
3M ~ 3.6M MAGIC
Between 60% and 70%
3.6M ~ 4.2M MAGIC
Between 70% and 80%
4.2M ~ 4.8M MAGIC
Above 80%


Staking a Legion helps increase your Harvester’s Mining Power and boosts your deposit within the Harvester (increasing your share of MAGIC emissions). Legions multiply the size of the Player’s MAGIC deposit, increasing the Player’s personal share of MAGIC rewards inside of the Harvester.
Players may stake multiple legions in a Harvester, however each Legion has a “weight class” and there is a maximum tonnage of 220kg to the legions you can stake per wallet. The weights and boosts for each Legion class are outlined in the table below.
Legion Class
Weight (kg)
Genesis 1/1
120 kg
Genesis All Class
40 kg
Genesis Uncommon
21 kg
Genesis Special
16 kg
Genesis Common
11 kg
Auxiliary Rare
5.5 kg
Auxiliary Uncommon
4 kg
Auxiliary Common
2.5 kg


Extractors are key game items in Harvesters. Extractors are crafted from Legions with a crafting XP of level 5+ using Treasures in the Forge. When deployed in a Harvester, Extractors boost a Harvester’s share of MAGIC emissions temporarily increasing the Harvester's Mining Power.
Extractors can be stacked up to 10 times (per Harvester), but expire after 3 hours of being deployed on a Harvester. When an Extractor is in use on a Harvester, players are able to replace existing Extractors with an Extractor of a bigger size. For example, a small Extractor can be replaced with a medium Extractor, but a medium Extractor cannot be replaced with another medium Extractor. Players must be diligent in harvesting MAGIC as close to the Extractor's expiry time as possible or they may forfeit some of the boosted rewards.
Harvester teams must coordinate to ensure someone on their team always has Extractors in use to boost their emissions. In the future, other Extractor-like consumables items may appear around the TreasureDAO ecosystem.
Extractor boosts stack additively and have the following attributes:
Extractor Type
Small Extractor
Medium Extractor
Large Extractor


Treasures do not boost the amount of MAGIC a Harvester receives but it does boost the amount of MAGIC a player receives within the Harvester. As with the Atlas mine, players may stake and bind up to 20 Treasures to a Harvester to boost a Player’s deposit. As part of active gameplay, a player’s legion characters may find Treasures as loot while questing. The additional boost each staked Treasure provides is determined by rarity. See the game guide for the boost stats on each Treasure.

Calculating a Harvester's emissions

The share of MAGIC emissions each Harvester receives is simply its “Mining Power” as a ratio of all other Harvesters’ “Mining Powers” including the Atlas Mine. For more information on calculating a harvester's emissions, please view the Harvester game guide.
Formula for calculating how much MAGIC a Harvester should receive
A Harvester's Mining Power is determined by the above formula