Orbean, Avatar of Magic

By Jean

Orbean, Avatar of Magic

*”The final stage of understanding is that of the Magic. And with that, comes true mastery.” *

Legions, Arcanists, scientists and spies all pay respect to Orbean as they dedicate themselves to questions that may change the face of the multiverse with their answers.

Holy Symbol:

Orbean’s primary holy symbol is a representation of a complex box covered in arcane symbols, or in some cases an actual puzzle-box. Another symbol common among Orbean’s faithful is stacked or interlocking triangles.

Sample Priesthood:

The Teal Oracles are a fellowship of monks who also venerate Tsuge, Avatar of Passage and work with other clergy of Orbean in temples throughout the Bridgeworld as diviners and soothsayers.

Unlike others who purport to pull back time’s veil, The Teal Oracles are known for rarely speaking about the future.

Instead, they are said to know what a supplicant most needs to hear to divine their own essence and most appropriately live their life. As with many oracles, their words are often either cryptic or disappointingly mundane.

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