The Crowned Shadow

By dizzy22

Little is known of the founders of old as time, the great collectors who hoard their secrets from the past. What is known is what they left behind.

Mythic castles buried deep beneath the earth, ancient relics of uncomprehending power, incredible armor and weapons only wieldable by heroes deemed worthy by powers we can't imagine. What has been left is more than trinkets and treasures. It's a legacy, a challenge, a dare even.

Are these treasures real? Are any of the rumors true?

In many ways, their legacy is a curse. It drives adventurers and explorers to madness or death. In some cases whole cities have been dug up from the ground. In others, groups of battle hardened warriors and great mages disappear without a trace. Families lose everything they own chasing a power that may not even exist.

But still, some continue to dig ever deeper. Because these few, there is nothing else. There's no wealth to lose. No family to care for. There's nothing but the burning desire to leave their mark on history. To create their legacy where otherwise, it may not be possible.

For Vyn, he had nothing to lose. He had decided long ago that he could uncover the secrets that so few others could, if any. A keen eye and a little good fortune would set him a journey that would last a lifetime...

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