Crafting Corruption

After reaching the Harvester tile at the end of Corruption Crypts, players who hold a Malevolent Prism (obtained as loot by removing corruption) can craft Corrupiton ($COR) to attack and slow the mining speed of other Harvesters. In order to craft $COR, players must use a Legion, KotE Squire, or Beacon Moonfae Pet from their army to burn 1 Malevolent Prism. The amount of $COR received is a percentage of Corruption Forging Pool, which gradually increases every second.
The earlier players get to the end of the Crypts maze, the more $COR they forge. The less players forging $COR means $COR will build up, and players will receive much more $COR when forging. In extreme cases, if only 1 player is consistently forging $COR, they will wield significant control over Harvesters! powerful stuff.
$COR can also be thrown at other Bridgeworld Structures like the Ivory Tower (Questing) and Forge (Crafting), acting as a weather system that freezes these buildings.
Each character outlined above may forge Corruption once per round of Corruption Crypts. After enough characters reach destination Harvester tiles, the round will automatically reset and reshuffle Harvester tile locations, and players will need to navigate their way through the Corruption Crypts again.
In the edge case where your has reached the Harvester tile right before the round resets and Harvester reshuffle, you will have 30 minutes to forge Corruption anyway.
Only Auxiliary Legions in an army with a crafting level of 3+, Genesis Legions, Knights of the Ether Squires and Beacon Moonfae Pets can craft Corruption.

How much Corruption can you craft?

The amount of Corruption that is forgeable drip feeds into a pool at a rate of 8,000 Corruption per hour (adjustable). The type of character used to craft Corruption impacts the amount of Corruption that can be crafted.
Character Type
Percentage of Corruption Pool Legion Receives
Genesis 1/1 Legions
Genesis Rare Legions
Genesis Uncommon Legions
Genesis Special Legions
Genesis Common Legions
Auxiliary Rare Legions
Auxiliary Uncommon Legions
Auxiliary Common Legions
Knights of the Ether Squires
Beacon Pets
Players that arrive at destination Harvesters before others will forge a greater amount of Corruption as they receive a percentage of the Corruption Forging Pool, so it pays to reach your Harvester destination quickly!