Summoner's Circle

By Rickard

The shadows of the Western Ridge frame a circle of stones etched with veins of Magic. Pouring forth their essence into the circle of summoning stones, Legions call forth more of their brethren. Those that came before beget those that come after, not as offspring but as the culmination of their combined essence.

The eight pillars, the root of so much controversy. It was here that the first intentional summoning of new legions occurred and it was here that one of the five fell. The pillars forming the circle surround a series of runes carved through the ground, this is where liquid magic is poured to start the process. At the first drop of magic a light will begin to shine at the centre. Whenever the light dims or flickers more magic has to be poured but the light is fickle and so the rate at which to pour varies endlessly. Never pour too much magic! Or you may experience the story of the Fallen first hand…

Legions who attempt the art of summoning must prepare for a week of watching, a week of staying awake. Friends and companions won’t help you here as when you cross between the stones and enter the circle you exist in your own space, your own summoning circle. A thousand legions may cross between the stones and enter the circle at the same time and none of them will see another until the summoning is complete or aborted. Know that the legion which you summon, should you succeed, will be stripped of all memories, of all identity.

It’s believed a new summon is torn from their previous world leaving everything the knew behind. Only fragments of knowledge and experience remain once they appear in Bridgeworld.

Think well on the ethics of summoning and sleep soundly before attempting it.

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