Questing in the Ivory Tower

The Ivory Tower is where Legions can set out on quests in search of Treasures hidden within Bridgeworld.

Questing Overview

The Ivory Tower is where Legions can set out on quests in search of valuable resources such as Essence of Starlight, Treasure Fragments, and Prism Shards.

Note: Genesis Legions have the added advantage of finding full Treasures (in addition to the above).

Items found from questing are used in a variety of ways across Bridgeworld. Treasure Fragments can be used to craft full Treasures in The Forge. Essence of Starlight, a liquid form of MAGIC, is used to tattoo Legions with one of Bridgeworld's constellations onto their skin so they can equip more Treasures while on quests to earn higher tiered Treasure Fragments.

Legions gain experience as they explore Bridgeworld’s frontiers. Questing points are awarded after each completed quest and are used to increase a Legion's questing experience level. The max questing level is 6.

Each quest has 3 parts. The higher a Legion's questing level, the farther they can go in each quest and the higher chance they find items from questing. Each time a legion quests, the distance the Legion traveled is added to the Legion's stats. Each part of a quest is considered 10 kilometers. Part 3 of a quest enables Legions to play Treasure Triad.

Questing Tutorial

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