The Nature of Legions

By Rickard

In the nature of most legions there’s a will and a want to command. For some it comes naturally while others supress it but every legion has The Voice. It is more than mere sound, it’s an embodiment of authority cast from the mouths of Legions. It’s not a matter of mind control nor hypnosis, it’s a call to action, a call to follow, a call which can be resisted.

Some legions have an easier time calling mundane animals and beast while others take to magical monsters or dark creatures. Many take to the command of people while others are rumoured to have the dead heed their call. There is even a legend of an ancient Legion who could command the dragons.

To identify the affinity of any given Legion a menagerie of creatures, mundane and otherwise, are kept underneath the colosseum in the centre of the first city. Above the menagerie Legions may test their prowess at commanding their forces as well as their own fighting capabilities in epic duels where they're pitted against each other.

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