Balancer Crystals

By Andiamo


Only with balance can progress be smooth.

These people only ever want more, and more. Yes, more Magic is always good. But there must be balance.

Where there isn't balance, there isn't flow. Where there isn't flow, there is stagnation.

And where there is stagnation, there is death.

For what is a stagnant life, but death itself?

My work has taken me to this point, and it is here that I strike the balance.

On one hand, the infinite power of Magic; on the other, the immensity of the Ether itself.

These two powers fused into a single crystal, one balancing out the other: like light and dark, life and death, suspended in eternal and permanent equilibrium.

Perfectly balanced.

Imbued with this balance, a Legionnaire can go on and on, without fatigue, without rest.

Because they are in balance.

Where there is balance, progress can happen.

Without balance, there is no equilibrium.

And without equilibrium, we cannot advance.


-- Excerpt from The Notebook of Shazad'har, Royal Gemcrafter.

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