The Litepaper is a condensed version of the Master Game Guide. Please consult the full game guide for detailed information about the different mechanics and how they interact.
Bridgeworld is a game of strategic commerce, trade and domination which sits at the center of the Treasure metaverse. Legions, Treasures and other NFTs native to Bridgeworld, represent player characters and items that are used to explore, create and ultimately extract $MAGIC from the world.
Bridgeworld not only incorporates many of the DeFi concepts that are becoming standard across “Play-to-Earn” (P2E) games, but it also represents a leap forward. To this end, Bridgeworld is an expansive metaverse connected by resources and narrative. The Bridgeworld narrative establishes building blocks for which other games and communities can be built. The MAGIC token, the reward from Bridgeworld, is the social coordination tool for the TreasureDAO. The Treasure project uses MAGIC to support decentralized game making and governance.
As a community-first game, Bridgeworld incentivizes social coordination through the formation of guilds and sub-DAOs, enabling collective strategies around resource accumulation and optimisation, including the onboarding of new players. In the first Season, NFTs will play a key role as players can stake their Legions, Treasures and Consumables to develop characters, build narrative, and improve mining efficiency.
TreasureDAO will regularly update Bridgeworld as the game Evolves. When we do, we’ll inform you of the new patch updates, which will supersede the existing terms.

Glossary of Terms

What can you do in Bridgeworld?

Here, you’ll be able to send your Legions to (1) Summon more Legions, (2) Quest for drops (e.g., Essences of Starlight, Treasures), (3) Craft consumables using Treasures and (4) Mine $MAGIC. More features such as World Events will be added later.

Different Gaming Pathways Explained

Bridgeworld Season 1 Roadmap

The following diagram illustrates the different phases in Bridgeworld 1.0. This phased roadmap is indicative only, and subject to change.