Corruption Crypts

An eternal board game where armies of legions race to attack harvesters.
Corruption Crypts High Level Overview

What is Corruption Crypts?

Corruption Crypts is where armies of Legions compete by racing to be the first to attack Harvesters. When an army attacks their targeted Harvester, Corruption will flow into the Harvester and the army will be given the ability to craft additional Corruption, which can be thrown anywhere in Bridgeworld.
Note: only armies that satisfy the following conditions are able to craft Corruption:
  • Has at least one Genesis Legion or Crafting Level 3+ Auxiliary Legion
  • Has a Malevolent Prism (obtained by removing Corruption)

How do you play Corruption Crypts?

Step 1 - Create a Legion Army

Players can create an army of Legions. While creating an army, you will need to denote which Harvester to attack. Armies are able to have a max of 5 Legions. Players are only able to attack the Harvester they defined when setting up your army; reaching any other Harvester during the round will have no effect, and your army will not be able to craft Corruption. Once created, your army will be staked in Corruption Crypts. You can unstake your army at any time, but you will have to wait for a 72-hour cooldown period before rejoining the game.

Step 2 - Claim card tiles

Players will accrue tiles that have a path on it at a rate of 1 tile every 6 hours, starting from the round start time. Use tiles to form a path for your Legion army to reach their intended Harvester destination before other armies reach their destinations. When a round advances, any pending tiles from the previous round will be lost and players will begin accruing again from 0 at a rate of 1 tile every 6 hours.
Example tiles

Step 3 - Place tiles and army on board

Drag and drop tiles onto the board to form a path to the Harvester tile that army looks to attack.
When placing your first tile on the board it cannot be within 6 tiles of your army's intended Harvester.
Click the "Place Army" tab to start your army on the tile previously played on the board.
Once you place your tiles on the board navigate to the "Moves" tab to confirm your moves. Players can batch-play up to 6 map tiles at a time:
Players are only allowed a max of 10 tiles on the board at a time and can remove tiles by toggling to "Destroy Tiles" mode in the upper right hand corner of the map. Destroying tiles cost 1 Essence of Starlight and 1 Prism Shard per tile.
The "Your Moves" tab summarizes all moves made that you plan to commit

Step 4 - Move Legions along path

To move your Army along the path, simply click the army icon on the map and select the connected tile you would like your army to move to.
The number of moves your army can make depends on the tiles in your hand. For example:
  • A tile with 3 paths on it (see middle image above in step 2) will let an army move 3 spaces.
  • A tile with 2 paths (see to the right of the middle image) will let your army move 2 spaces.
You must discard these tiles in your hand to enable your army to move along its path. Move your army along its path then confirm your actions in the "Your Moves" tab to start the Discard Tiles process.
Along the way, armies can collect Treasure Fragments that randomly drop on the board. If an army passes over a Fragment and there are still enough left to claim, the army will automatically pick up one of those Fragments for each Legion in the army (e.g., an army of 5 Legions will pick up 5 Treasure Fragments).

Step 5 - Reaching the Harvester

Place a connecting tile onto the same cell as your target Harvester and move your army onto that tile to enter it. When your army enters the Harvester, two things happen:
  1. 1.
    Your Legions will automatically begin directing Corruption to that Harvester
  2. 2.
    If your army qualifies, you will have the option to craft Corruption
1. Directing Corruption to Harvesters
  • There is a natural Corruption flow rate into every structure in Bridgeworld (e.g., 1,333/hr to each Harvester)
  • Reaching your targeted Harvester will shift more of this Corruption flow to that Harvester. You don’t need to do anything else: you will be automatically directing Corruption when your army reaches its targeted Harvester.
  • The proportion of Corruption directed to that Harvester is based on the type of Legions in your army (see the table below for the breakdown of Legions and the amount of Corruption they direct)
    • The more Corruption Directing Points, the larger the percentage of Corruption flowing to that specific Harvester, ranging from 1x to 2x
Legion Type
Corruption Directing Points
Genesis (1/1)
Genesis Rare (All-class)
Genesis Uncommon
Genesis Special
Genesis Common
Auxiliary Rare
Auxiliary Uncommon
Auxiliary Common

2. Crafting Corruption

If you have received a Malevolent Prism from removing Corruption previously and your army contains at least one Genesis Legion or Crafting Level 3+ Auxiliary Legion, you will now be able to craft Corruption.
  • You can actively send/cast Corruption to Bridgeworld structures
  • You can save it up, or coordinate with other players to strategically cast Corruption on enemy Harvesters later (in their sleep, after they’ve just applied Extractors, etc.)
View the subsequent section "Crafting Corruption" for details on crafting Corruption after you have reached your intended Harvester.

Step 6+ - Next round

When 200 Legions arrive at their intended Harvester destinations, the round resets and the locations of Harvesters randomly shuffle. Armies will start Armies then continue venturing to their opponent Harvester to attack it via diverting Corruption.
Note: Harvesters may occasionally shuffle onto the same tile. To re-enter Harvesters in this case, simply move off then back onto that Harvester again.