The Wandering Merchant

Meem, a descendent of nomadic merchants who operate an extensive network of trade routes, is an expert in brokering deals with new worlds and collections...
Not much is known about Meem’s past, only that Meem’s recently taken interest in Bridgeworld collections and will randomly appear throughout the week to offer deals on various consumables:
  • Periodically Meem the “Wandering Merchant” will appear around the ecosystem, starting with Bridgeworld
  • Meem will offer you deals to convert various items into Prisms, Boosters, and other ecosystem items Meem may have collected throughout his travels.
During each visit, the deals Meem offers will vary in terms of:
  • What items Meem is seeking and willing to trade for.
  • What items Meem is willing to offer in return, and how much on offer.
  • When Meem appears, and when Meem disappears.
  • How much inventory available each visit.
**Some deals may never be seen again.
Seeking Items
Offered Items
Deal Occurence
Bridgeworld Ancient Permits
Example (varies):
  • Small Prisms
  • Medium Prism
Limit per visit: X deals (varies)
X% of the time (often)
Universal Locks
Auxiliary Legions
Universal Keys
Azurite Dust
Essence of Grin / Honey
Genesis Legions?
Meem may also offer more powerful items that cannot crafted.
Durable Booster
4 hours
Anabolic Booster
2 hours
Overclocked Booster
1 hour